you are my path;
"everything inside me screams for just one more kiss, one more word, one more glance, one more.”



me at my highschool reunion

me coming back to mcdonalds in the same day

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME → Favorite female characters [5/5]

↳ Gwen Stacy

It’s easy to feel hopeful on a beautiful day like today, but there will be dark days ahead of us too. There will be days where you feel all alone, and that’s when hope is needed most. No matter how buried it gets, or how lost you feel, you must promise me that you will hold on to hope. Keep it alive. We have to be greater than what we suffer. My wish for you is to become hope; people need that. And even if we fail, what better way is there to live? As we look around here today, at all of the people who helped make us who we are, I know it feels like we’re saying goodbye, but we will carry a piece of each other into everything that we do next, to remind us of who we are, and of who we’re meant to be.

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Pros of dating me

  • i’m rly soft and squishy
  • i’ll make you hot beverages in bed
  • i’m good at compliments
  • you’ll gain lots of dorky pet names

Cons of dating me

  • ummm??
  • zero i am a goddess

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im sorry i havent been on a lot at all this summer guys. i’ve been helping my mom out with watching my nieces and i’ve been through a really bad break up with a guy who i thought i was gonna be with forever and i just really hate my life to sum it up???? 

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do you ever have second-hand obsessions

like one of your friends is super obsessed with a thing so whenever you see something about it you’re like “YES THIS THING” but you’re not the one obsessed with it. they are. you know very little about this thing and yet it still excites you because it excites your friend

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I just live my life how I live as a person. I certainly am not, like, a saint or an angel by any means. I’m not anything like that. But I live just how I live. I mean, I have a little paranoia, but that’s about it.